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Jul, 17. 2020 | 2186 views

Just like every year, we have new items to show you. In this newsletter are just 3 of the many products we’re excited about.


Improving a classic can be risky, but we did it. The PMP 2.0 takes a time-tested design and brings it forward with new tech and better materials. The unibody construction, excess oil drain button, and easy-clean design will make this a winner with your customers.


Hy3 once again innovates in the hydration market with the PS-REFRESH, a one-motion drink bottle with AutoLOK technology. The push-and-slide design is easy to open when you want it, but the worry-free lid locks all by itself when you close it and won’t open by accident in your bag or purse. The concept is simple, but the execution is successful because of the great designers at Hy3.

The EVERYDAY LITE Multi-Use Beverage Glass is the “green” answer for drinks on the go. Fill it at home, or take it to your favorite coffee shop. Use it in your car or office, then use it again. For any beverage, including loose leaf tea, EVERYDAY LITE is the smart, green choice.


We’ve always looked forward to seeing our great partners and meeting new clients at the Canton Fair. Since the Fair was canceled, we launched our own – but this time, online. The virus didn’t stop us.


For the last few weeks, we’ve utilized our innovative tech to give our clients a personalized Online Canton Fair, streaming our showroom and giving product demos in high definition. Communicating in real time with our product professionals, getting questions answered, requesting samples and placing orders – it’s been a great success!