We will get through these hard times together

Mar, 20. 2020 | 1151 views

Dear Valued Business Partners

As we are going through global Covid-19 pandemic, I hope you will take careful precautions and stay healthy during this challenging time.

The impact on our businesses is hard, just as it is on our personal lives. With stores closed and people practicing social distancing, it is difficult to continue our business as in the past. In the battle against the virus, things will get worse before they get better.

At SinoGlass, we are confident that people will win this battle eventually. But until then, we will fight together with our worldwide clients to get through these difficult times.

Since within China the epidemic is contained, we are getting our normal lives back. SinoGlass has completely resumed operation, developing products, taking orders and delivering shipments. I am glad to see that most of our clients are taking proactive measures to continue their projects and orders with us.

Staying home does not mean we should halt our business. We should be creative and productive as we prepare to accelerate our business once the pandemic is over. To keep your business rolling, we’d like to offer the following options:




If you are shifting to on-line sales, we can help you achieve that goal. SinoGlass has been working with many e-commerce partners for years and understands the specific needs for on-line business. Special drop-ship packaging, custom logos, flexible MOQ and quick shipments are among the popular requirements for e-commerce orders, and we can meet them all. We encourage you to discuss your specific needs with your account manager at SinoGlass. He or she will be happy to assist you on how to make products suitable for on-line sales.

Quick-Ship items



We have prepared a Quick-Ship list of products that can be shipped within 30 days upon receipt of your order. Most of the products on the list are our popular yet essential designs that will generate quick sales revenue in the post-pandemic market. You can download the 30-day Quick-Ship list and contact us about the items that interest you.

OEM Projects



As our designers and engineers are working diligently to develop new products for Elemental Kitchen and Hy3 bottles, we would also welcome your OEM projects. We love to develop new products together with our worldwide clients. I would like to encourage you to take advantage of this down time and change it into up time by developing new products with us for the upcoming season.

Virtual Canton Fair



The spring Canton Fair is postponed or may even be canceled due to the pandemic. Thanks to modern technology, we will show our exciting products to you through on-line conference tools. Our virtual panoramic 3-D showroom will be set up, which will enable you to view our products just as you were in our showroom. Our sales people will invite you to our virtual showroom and demonstrate our newest products with on-line collaboration apps. Samples that interest you will be mailed free of charge. The invitation for our special virtual Canton fair will be sent to you shortly, and we are excited to see you online and present to you our great products.

Let’s stay connected and be productive during this uneasy period. Thinking ahead of the curve, we believe the virus will be killed and our business will blossom again.

We will get through these hard times together.

Take Good Care,