SinoGlass Co., Ltd

In August 2000, SinoGlass Co., Ltd. and SinoGlass Housewares Co., Ltd. were founded as the core home furnishing industry group that combined design, research and development, production, and sales.

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  • Quality Advantage

    SinoGlass Group uses thorough QA, QC and TQM quality control systems and is equipped with an industry -leading laboratory for testing housewares and accessories. With professional raw materials, modern manufacturing and the best quality control personnel, SinoGlass Group can ensure the highest quality work and products from our production facilities, environment, staff, and management.

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  • Supply Chain Advantage

    SinoGlass Group has focused on the glass housewares industry for more than twenty years. We source high-quality raw materials from China, Europe, North America, and other regions. Our quality means we are selling products to more and more countries and regions.

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  • Manufacturing Advantage

    SinoGlass Group's 180,000 square meter manufacturing base adjacent to the Qingdao port has adopted the lean production management model. Lean production management provides a strong advantage in manufacturing and delivers high-quality products on time.

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